I admit it I am not expert in French wines but like everyone I know what i like. It took me a trip to the South of France to truly appreciate the pale Rose Wine of the region. One experience had left me thinking why have i not tried this one before, that experience was Minuty!

The tasting room at Minuty was welcoming and obcvoulsly used to people like me appreciating the Minuty range of French wines. In fact i would recommend it even for those who are just passing through the Saint Tropez region. All year round you can discover what makes Minuty a great wine form Provence. Minuty is at the very birthplace of  terroir and its family’s history.

A bottle of Château Minuty is an invitation to Provence, to share the ambience of this region, to share warmth and friendship in a completely relaxed manner. A bottle of Château Minuty will take you away to the Saint Tropez peninsula, to the glorious sun, whiffs of olive oil.


Although 70% of production is given over to their rosé wines, there are also some excellent whites and a rich, silky red. These are serious, complex wines that are perfectly suited to the cuisine of the region and a permanent fixture on the most prestigious wine lists of the Côte d’Azur.

My favourite Minuty

Château Minuty's top rosé. Rose et Or is one of the best rosés of Provence, a delicate, subtle wine made from old vines with exceptional care ideal on a baking hot day, refereshing and a great way to while away a few hours talking about anything.

French Rose possibly the best

Is it the colour? the grape variety or the country where it's produced? Well, for me, a good rosé should primarily be refreshing. This is a wine you can enjoy chilled and served on itus own. It should possess good citrusy acidity and a smell of summer, raspberries, peaches and melon. And it should be dry.

Rose Wine Reviews by Telegraph

Expert wine reviews from The Daily Telegraph name 2014 M de Minuty Rosé, Côtes de Provence  by Majestic one of the top three Rose wines.
The growth in rosé’s popularity has been good news for Provence producers; their delicate style is what we want. Though, as a result, it is too easy to sell poor wine and that is what many entry-level ones are. Not so M de Minuty. It is year on year a consistently excellent glass of pale-pink summery joy.

M de Minuty Rosé 2015 Côtes de Provence France


Grape:Grenache, Cinsault, Tibouren
Flavours:Citrus, Watermelon, Honeysuckle
Origin: Château de Minuty is located on the St Tropez Peninsular, with its vineyards virtually overlooking the Mediterranean. This rosé is quintessential of the local style, with the blend employing the little-known Tibouren grape, a variety grown almost exclusively in Provence.
Taste : Pale honeysuckle pink, and offering a clean nose of citrus fruit, offset by subtle floral and candied notes. Fresh acidity makes for an incisive and lively palate, with a rounded feel.
Food Pairing: Partner with the delicate flavours of fresh shellfish, or with a mozzarella and sun-ripened tomato salad

Buying Minuty Wine Online

Several important critics have rated this Cotes de Provence wine highly.This is the third most searched for among this region's wines (by Wine-Searcher users).
Priced above average for red wine from Cotes de Provence. The price has been stable over the past year.

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