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Buy French Red Wine

French reds are probably the best in the world, ideal with or without food they dont have to cost the earth to be great wine. When entertaining , weddings or a party French red wine is a safe bet with many popular types already tried and tested by lovers of French wine.

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French Red Wine Tasting 

Try these top 3 Vintage French Red Wines

  1. Chateau Palmer Margaux Vintage Red Wine 75cl - A blend of 49% Merlot, 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 7% Petit Verdot, the 2007 Palmer possesses a dense ruby/purple color as well as attractive smoky charcoal, blackberry, and plum aromas, good purity, excellent texture, and a soft, fleshy mouthfeel. It should drink well for 10-12 years. see here
  2. Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon Fine Red Wine 75cl -Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon Fine Red Wine 75cl see here
  3. Cavalli Collection Red Wine 2006 75cl see more

Names of French Red Wine

Sah-ra or Shi-raz) Syrah and shiraz are two names for the same variety. Europe vintners only use the name syrah.

France’s Rhone Valley.

Typical taste in varietal wine: aromas and flavors of wild black fruit (such as blackcurrant), with overtones of black pepper spice and roasting meat. The abundance of fruit sensations is often complemented by warm alcohol and gripping tannins.

The shiraz variety gives hearty, spicy reds. While shiraz is used to produce many average wines it can produce some of the world’s finest, deepest, and darkest reds with intense flavors and excellent longevity. You’ll discover Syrahs of value and elegance by reading my reviews of French wines.

Merlot from France

(Mare-lo) Easy to drink. The softness of Merlot has made it an "introducing" wine for new red-wine drinkers. Food pairings: read more about Merlot 

Districts: a key player in the Bordeaux blend,Merlot is known for being approachable – dry and flavourful, but with a generous offering of fruit. It generally shows flavours of plum, violet, cherry, cocoa, blueberry, and warm spices. It can also display notes of graphite, earth, and tobacco. Merlot is softer in terms of tannin and structure than many of the grapes it’s blended with, and it softens the hard edges of many blends.Typical taste in varietal wine: typical scents include blackcherry, plums and herbal flavors. The texture is round but a middle palate gap is common. The Merlot type of wine is less tannic (rough) than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon
(Ca-burr-nay so-veen-yaw) Cabernet sauvignon is often blended with cabernet franc and merlot. It usually undergoes oak treatment.Food pairings: best with simply prepared red meat.

Districts: cabernet sauvignon is planted wherever red wine grapes grow except in the Northern fringes such as Germany. It is part of the great red Médoc wines of France

Typical taste in varietal wine: full-bodied, but firm and gripping when young.

With age, polyphenols polymerize: the grip fades away. The rich currantqualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon wine change to that of pencil box.Bell pepper notes remain. 

Buy Malbec Wine

 (Mal-bek) Districts: malbec has its origins in the French Bordeaux region. It is grown as côt in the Loire Valley and auxerrois in Cahors. Malbec has also been recognized as médoc noir or pressac again in France. Malbec is widely grown in Argentina, where it is the most popular red grape variety. It is also available in Chile, in Australia, and in the cooler regions of California.

Typical taste in varietal wine: malbec’s characteristics vary greatly depending on where it is grown and how it is transformed. Generally it produces an easy-drinking style, well colored wine that tastes of plums, berries, and spice.

Malbec is often blended with other varieties such as cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and petit verdot to make Bordeaux style wines. Malbec and some such blends may present some health benefits.

Pinot noir wine

(Pee-know na-wahr) One of the noblest red wine grapes. Pinot noir is difficult to grow, rarely blended, with no roughness.Food pairings: excellent with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb and Japanese dishes (notably sushi rolls).

Districts: makes the great reds of Burgundy (from Bourgogne, France), and good wines from Austria, California, Oregon, and New Zealand.

Typical taste in varietal wine: very unlike Cabernet Sauvignon. The structure is delicate and fresh. The tannins are very soft; this is related to the low level of polyphenols. The aromatics are very fruity (cherry, strawberry, plum), often with notes of tea-leaf, damp earth, or worn leather.

Yet pinot noir is very transparent to the place where it is grown. The staggering range of wines produced makes it pointless to define which personality is the best expression of the variety.

Zinfandel red

(Zin-fan-dell) Perhaps the world’s most versatile wine grape, making everything from blush wine (White Zinfandel), to rich, heavy reds.Food pairings: very much depends on the freshness/heaviness of the wine; tomato-sauce pasta, pizza, and grilled and barbecued meats.

Districts: mainly found in California, zinfandel originates from Italy (where it is called primitivo).

Typical taste in varietal wine: often a zesty flavor with berry and pepper. 

Sangiovese wine

Sangiovese vine
(San-gee-oh-ve-zee) Food pairings: a good choice for Italian and other Mediterranean-style cuisines.

Districts: sangiovese produces the Chiantis of Italy’s Tuscany region and, of late, good wines from California.

Typical taste in varietal wine: the primary style is medium-bodied with fresh berry and plum flavors.

Barbera red

Barbera vine
(Bar-bear-a) Not as popular as Merlot but with similar attributes.Food pairings: barbera wines are versatile: theymatch many dishes, including tomato sauces.

Districts: another classic red of Italian origin. Widespread in California.

Typical taste in varietal wine: juicy black cherry and plum fruit, a silky texture and excellent acidity. You may wish to read tasting notes of Barberas at La Spinetta.

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