Flores Malbec, Bodegas Gouguenheim, Mendoza

In 2002 Patricio Gouguenheim left behind a life of acqusitions and mergers to take up winemaking. He bought a winery in the Tupungato region of Mendoza and a few years later added 45 hectares of vines. Nowadays he also sources fruit from 3 other trusted growers in the region. No fashionable architect has been near his winery, the simple functionality of the building reflects the focus on getting the wines right. The results are impressive and the purity and quality of the wines shines through. This is one of his top wines, composed of 100% Malbec taken from the finest sections of his best vineyards and is aged for 12 months in oak barrels, bottled, and then rested for a further 12 months before being released. Distinctly superior. Argentina's signature grape at its finest.

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