Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy with Williams Pear 70cl

This Pear Brandy is crafted by a group of Carthusian monks at the foothills of the Gorjanci Mountains in Slovenia. There are just 4,000 bottles of Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy with Williams Pear made every year making this a rare treat.The Charterhouse Monastery in Pleterje is one of just 25 extant Carthusian monasteries throughout the world and has been producing the aperitif for the past 60 years. Only now has it been made available in the UK. It's mother monastery is Grand Chartreuse in France - which produces the world-famous Chartreuse liqueur - and this replicates the quality its fellow monks have come to be renowned for. The nine monks in Pleterje are joined by nine lay workers to produce the brandy, which uses Williams pears grown in the monastery's grounds.“The southern side of the wall surrounding Pleterje Carthusian Monastery is planted with pear trees,” one of the monks. Cheaper versions of pear brandy get the fruit inside the bottle by adding the bottom of the glass on after. Cheats!“When the fruit reaches hazelnut size, bottles are fixed to the trees so that the delicious pears grow and ripen inside the glass. After the pears are picked inside their bottles, the bottles are topped up with four-times distilled pear brandy.” The pears that don't make the cut go into making the brandy itself. Why not try the The Vow of Silence cocktail 75 ml Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy25 ml Cocchi Americano10 ml Krucefix larch liqueur Stirred over ice, served straight up.

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