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At your wedding celebration there are lots of important details; the venue, guests to invite and the decorative theme, but you can never forget the wedding wine you serve. Since the time of that wedding at Cana, and before, wines have always been significant to weddings.

What is a wedding without wine?

In fact, in some places, the success of the party is down to the quality of wine served. It certainly seems that was the case at Cana. Whenever someone tells you alcohol is bad smugly remind them that Jesus’s first miracle was turning water into wine.

People put a lot into planning for the kind of wine they serve at weddings, and other events. This post will cover all the details you need to know about serving wine on your wedding day.

Always Taste Wine For Weddings

Before you take any big decisions, start familiarizing yourself with the taste of different kinds of wine. If you didn’t before, you should begin to see yourself as a wine connoisseur. Do this with your partner when they can. It is better to get a contrary opinion and from who else if not the co-celebrant?

So whenever you go out, sample a different brand each time. Don’t overdo it though; we want you to prepare you for a wedding party not an AA meeting. Each time, write down on a notepad your favourite brands and vintage choices for selection. These may become your main wedding wines.

Pick One Red and One White

You should have at least one of both at your wedding. Be careful too because not all red and white wines are appropriate for your celebration. A wedding party is time for light merry making and you wouldn’t want to get your guests too drunk too soon. Some fashionable wines like Oaky or Merlot may not be best for weddings as they may overshadow the dessert. For wines that pair well with most food, pick either Sauvignon Blanc for white or a Pinot Noir for red.

Weddding Food Pairing 

It is good to make your wine decisions along with the type of food you are going to serve in mind. Traditional wine connoisseurs often advise that white wines go best with meals like chicken and seafood while red wines are good for meat. However this isn’t cut in stone and you are welcome to mix it up as red and white can go with either food types. If you wish, you may allow a caterer make the choice for you but bear in mind that they may not always be perfect. The final choice lies with you; taste every wine selected.

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Buying Enough Wine For Your Budget

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You do not have to empty your savings just to serve amazing wines at your wedding. Recently, there has been a surge in the quantity of top wines manufactured. Hence, there are a lot of quality inexpensive wines out there if you are on a budget. First-rate wines could be available for as low as £5 upwards to £30 if you wish. See this article in the Daily Telegraph about best wines for wedding.

 On wine budgets, one of the things to consider first is your venue. Will the venue permit you to come with your own drinks? Some do but will charge a corkage amount per bottle so you might want to consider this to avoid spending too much.

Compare Wine Wedding Suppliers

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All they ask for is a £1-a-glass deposit, payable in advance, and that the glasses are returned to us clean and ready for re-use. The deposit is fully refundable – all you pay for is breakages. And since you have paid a deposit, there's no time limit in which you have to return them.

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Vineyards Direct Champagne

Offering a small range of delicious drinking wines, principally from France, Italy and Spain, imported direct from the growers and delivered to your door at the click of a mouse at prices well below traditional merchants.

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Drinks Supermarket Wine & Champagne Offer


 Ideal for bulk buying for wedding when you require savings on crates of wine and Champagne are some one off offers at Drinks Supermarket

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Fortnum & Masons Wine Offers

When shopping for wine on a budget you may understnadly discount suppliers such as Fortnum & Masons , however many of the wines and Champagnes on offer from this hugely prestoigious brand can be bought on a budget. Fortums offer monthly offers and this is where buying wine for a wedding on a fixed budget can get interesting.

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Adnams Wine Cases Ideal For Wedding

Adnams values are rooted in making great products without costing the earth. From working with local farmers and producers who supply our brewery and hotels, through to partnering with a local business to install an anaerobic digestion plant to turn brewery and food waste into biogas, we believe that doing the right thing makes great business sense. 

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Waitrose Cellar Wedding Advice


The Waitrose wine buying team  have won so many awards this year, including Multiple Spirits Retailer of the Year, Multiple Champagne Retailer of the Year, Online Drinks Retailer of the Year and Supermarket Drinks Retailer of the Year. If you are confused about the type of wine to buy for a wedding you can learn and discover a range of wine not found on other wine websites.

If your want to spaek to a wedding wine specialist Waitrose Cellar offer advice & assistance

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Your Own Wine VS the Venue’s Wedding Wine?

As mentioned before, most venues may charge you for bringing your own drinks. So you should expect to pay a corkage fee of say £10 per bottle served. This amount will cover both opening and pouring. In spite of that, buying your own wine could save you more money. Imagine you had to go with the venue/caterer’s wine, a £15 bottle could cost you £30 considering the markup they add. But your own £15 bottle with a £10 corkage fee would be £25. Bear in mind that most retailers will give you a £10 discount for every carton, or 12 bottles purchased, a deal which increases with more cartons bought. In other words the more pricey the bottles, the more cost you save if you buy it yourself and pay a corkage fee. However, it may be cost-effective to use the venue’s if you are buying wines under £10.

How Much Wine Should You Buy for Your Reception?

There are many factors that could determine this, like the number of guests, your budget etc. Notwithstanding, you should have some cap in mind. That is why your guest list is very important. You should be an important decision maker in drawing up the list. Here’s a simple calculation for the number bottles you should buy:

Champagne or Sparkling Wine For Weddings

Champagne or Sparkling wine is usually used during the toast to the couple. I often advise 2 glasses of champagne for each guest. There are usually 6 full glasses of champagne in a 750ml bottle.

100 guests at 2glasses per guest is 200 glasses

200 glasses / 6 glasses (in a bottle) is 34 bottles

Therefore at 12 bottles per carton, 3 cartons should serve 100 guests suitably.

Remember if you are getting a discount, this would be very economical too. Guide to Moet Champagne

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Red and White Wine

This is a bit more technical because it also depends on the season and time of day of your wedding. Most people tend to consume more white wine than red especially outdoors in summer. If your wedding party is in the evening and indoors, perhaps they will consume more red wine instead.

Suppose people consume the same amount of white wine as red wine and maybe you will also serve other types of liquor then the following calculation is in order.

Assume 1 glass of wine per hour for each guest. And each 750ml bottle contains 5 glasses

So for 100 guests X 4 hours X 1/hour is 400 glasses

400 glasses / 5 glasses (in a bottle) is 80 bottles

80 bottles / 2 (red and white) is 40 bottles of red and 40 bottles of white

Now that you have these figures in mind, you should be able to factor in the types of wine you will buy, the corkage cost and the number of guests you want to invite.


Your choice of wine during your wedding could be a good time to show off how much you have learned about wine so far. You could mark the significance of a particular wine to you; maybe your first date together? The moment you fell in love could be represented by the wine you both drank. Some people pick a brand that honours the memory of a parent, perhaps a father’s favourite brand?

The venue of the wedding may inspire you too. If you want something quaint, you could site your wedding in the local vineyard and tell guests the significance of the choice; just something to make your special day unique via wine.

Best Wine Glasses for Weddings

Whether you believe it or not, wine glasses are important in the presentation of wines. Some glasses are specific for the variety of grape they contain and may enhance the taste of the drinker. There is a glass type for Pinot Noir and another for Chardonnay. While this is not a must have, it just adds to the customization of the occasion and it wouldn’t hurt to ask your caterer if they have this differentiation available.

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The Wedding Toast

Saying the toast is one of the most important parts of the wedding celebration, therefore it should be planned properly. From the type of sparkling wine served to the best man giving the toast, you should ensure that this moment is near perfect. For wines, I usually advise something along the Chardonnay variety like Domaine Luquet Roger Brut Blanc de Blancs. It is not too pricey and still tastes as lovely. Make sure that you have chosen the best person to give the toast, in order words your best man. He doesn’t have to be an orator, just somebody articulate to go with the occasion.

Best Offers on Wine for Your Wedding

After all has been mentioned above, it still requires some personal flair to get the best deals on the wedding wines you purchase. If you are buying the wine yourself, you may find the following tips useful:

Buy in Wine in Large Quantities

Always buy by the carton; in bulk. Most retailers offer a 10% deal/carton on such purchases and it will save you some money.

Pick the Big Bottles

You can purchase premium less expensive wines from South Africa and Italy in magnum range bottles and still get good value on the price especially if you are paying for corkage.

Make Friends with your Caterer

Some people may see this as corny but hey it works. You not only get good deals on your wedding purchases, you also get to receive helpful suggestions. Promising to recommend them to your friends and colleagues is often a good way to go.

Become a Wine Connoisseur

It is never too late to become a wine lover. Your wedding may be the time to start stocking and building a cellar, before long you could be the go-to wine person on your next special occasion.

This post isn’t exhaustive; there are many ways to get the best out of your occasion. Just start by tasting. In vino veritas; in wine there is truth.